Zack: "It's not what you think!"

Lowtax:: So is this a rat or a cat or a weird human or....?

Zack: I think the only limit is your macabre imagination.

Lowtax:: "Oy guv! Looks like ye caught me with a spot o' tea!"

Zack: Rat tea is never as good as you think it's gonna be.

Zack: You put the rats in the big jar with the water and then wait eight hours. Never that good.

Lowtax:: Well that idiot thinks it's a blast, look how full his cup is. I can't wait to see his stupid face fall.

Lowtax:: "Duped again by the infernal rat tea! This happens every time!"

Lowtax:: "Also what the fuck am I?"

Zack: If he has to skitter anywhere he is going to spill it all over.

Lowtax:: This is the real ending to the Blair Witch movie.

Lowtax:: Rat dude in a corner drinking shitty tea.

Zack: Spilling it all over because dumbass ambiguous bushytail has to fill every cup to the brim.

Zack: Do you think the witch likes that?

Zack: Do you think she's impressed?

Lowtax:: She had extremely low standards throughout the movie, so I'd say probably.

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