Zack: Astral projecting is an underrated skill these days.

Steve: Totally dude, I used to see all sorts of stuff about astral projection and nobody talks about it anymore. What happened?

Zack: Maybe it's like Damascus steel and the world just lost the expertise.

Steve: An astral projecting mage warrior marine biologist would be a pretty boss career path.

Zack: Yeah, good luck getting the credits for that from Phoenix University. They tell you one thing, but then when you try to change majors from mage warrior over to astral projection with a minor in marine biology you end up with a bunch of redundant classes and extra fees.

Steve: What are you saying?

Zack: It's a scam, Steve. Online universities are scam, so learn your astral projection from the only reliable source: an ebay PDF sale.

Steve: Oh, yeah, I should check that out the next time I am buying a wealth spell on ebay.

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