Steve: You walk into a room of amazing orbs. These are the finest orbs you've ever beheld. There's a door on the other wall. The orbs are glowing all different colors and pulsing with light and hanging from the ceiling. It looks like a pretty nice place to stay and maybe have fun. There are some weird looking dudes with strange hair and green skin.

Zack: Eurotrash. I knew I shouldn't have come to this club.

Steve: You think they're troglodytes. They're jealously guarding their orbs.

Zack: Troglodytes is a pejorative. They prefer, "subterranean hate humanoids." I'm going to walk towards the door and talk loudly about how lame orbs are and how much I don't care about orbs.

Steve: They don't speak your language.

Zack: Maybe they speak THIS language: gaseous form.

Steve: They start freaking out and making booing sounds. A couple of them use their shields like fans to try to keep you away from the orbs.

Zack: I'm not interested in their stupid orbs. They can have them. I'm going to slip under that door fogwise.

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