Zack: "Honey, how many points did you spend on business related wargear?"

Steve: That battle force looks pretty stoppable.

Zack: I know I already made the joke, but I think they really did use a stock photo of someone doing their taxes. It even looks like they Photoshopped the 40K figures onto the table.

Steve: Ugh, I hate army list season!

Zack: I have to do all this damn paperwork just to find out how many points I have the HONOR of paying for these krak grenades! The other player should just send me a bill!

Steve: I didn't even vote for a Seize Ground scenario, why do I have to spend MY points on bike squads?

Zack: Show me where in the Constitution it says I can only have one Force Commander! Show me! You can't! All point costs are theft!

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