Dr. Bong
Thanks: Mr. Swoon

Zack: This guy must have had a hellish life in grade school.

Dr. Thorpe: First of all, Dr. Bong is totally the name of your college roommate who ate all your Bugles. And then you'd come home and find him having sex with a really ugly hippie girl on your bed, and you'd say "what the fuck, Dr. Bong," and he'd go "dude, there was a tie on the door!" and you'd say "what the fuck is a tie on the door supposed to mean," and he'd say "dude!"

Zack: I think you would just be more upset to find out what kind of woman would actually sleep with a guy who has a hand bell for a head.

Dr. Thorpe: Yeah, especially one who wears a big brass truss.

Zack: It's slimming! It must be hell putting on those big floppy pirate boots when one of your hands is a gold bowling ball.

Dr. Thorpe: He should work in a motel. He could just sleep at the counter all day and when people came in and needed a room they could just grab he handle on his head and give him a good jingle.

Zack: Also, "Doctor" Bong? What college accredited this guy? What is his degree in?

Dr. Thorpe: Music.

Zack: Man a music degree and a focus on bells, twice as worthless in the job market.

Dr. Thorpe: Yeah, you can laugh all you want, but he didn't JUST play the bell, he played the triangle too, and sometimes even the cymbals. He was a fine orchestral percussionist.

Zack: His sidekick: "Wood Block, DDS"

Dr. Thorpe: You know, I don't really read comic books. But even so, I can tell when an artist just goes "fuck it." Or, I don't know, maybe someone else came up with Dr. Bong and the artist just had to draw him. So maybe the artist was just going "fuck you."

Zack: I'm sure later that week the artist created characters based on ever single item within ten yards of his desk.

Dr. Thorpe: Beware the maddening menace of LORD STAPLER

Zack: The Electric Pencil Sharpener

Dr. Thorpe: Overdue Utility Bill Man

Zack: The Inhuman Bathroom Key

Dr. Thorpe: He must have the power to make a deafening (or at least really annoying) ringing noise. Or the power to summon grocery clerks out of the break room.

Zack: Dr. Bong probably has some really unexpected superpower like he can turn into a gas or shoot rockets out of the trap door on his support garment. Maybe that spherical hand grants him the power to blend into solar system dioramas.

Dr. Thorpe: He also has the power to make teenagers giggle because his name is totally "Dr. Bong."

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