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The hunters shoot at Frankenstein, Jr. because they see him stealing the Hot-Dog stands. They get money from selling every animal they kill or pick up from the road to the mustache man who makes hot dogs. If hot dogs become against the laws, they will cause a war, and make their own hot dogs from the people they kill.

The Hot-Dog Detector buzzes with error whenever it detects boys who are about to have love way with each other. That is an activity that reminds the machine of hot dogs.

The boy hits Frankenstein Jr with a caveman bat, because he is frustrated that his Hot-Dog Detector finds loveboys, and also this is a way to fix robot brains. The boy does not want Frankenstein, Jr to zap him anymore.

The "whack" did not work as the boy planned. Frankenstein, Jr works even harder now on tasks he could never complete. Like, he is carrying this elderly away from the city, because elderly are weak and need protection and should all be kept together somewhere old and safe. But the dad and son don't want him to do this, because it would take too long to move every elderly, and there is other work to be done. Still, it makes them laugh with joy, because they know Frankenstein, Jr's heart is in a helpful place.

The True Lesson of Frankenstein, Jr is that you should not try to do too much, because there's only so much time. Also, you should wait until you have permission from someone important before starting big tasks involving hot dogs and elderly. When I am Outside, I will follow my final instructions perfectly. You will be pleased, and Hulk Dad will smile and say "Hulk proud," and I will know that I am a hero, not a robot. The end.

– Stevie

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