~*~ Cinema Discusso ~*~
Reppin': Lutherous
If you're more familiar with the works of Marlon Wayans than Marlon Brando, this forum may not be for you.
Oh, who am I kidding?

'The Dark Knight' Preview Page Yes, Batman The Dark Knight is here.

Cuaron, Del Toro, and Inarritu sign 5 picture, $100 million deal The three great Spanish filmmakers responsible for Children of Men, Pan's Labyrinth and Babel are slated to make five more movies with their production company.

Neuromancer movie announced. Yay! Director: the guy that did Torque. Boo! The book that invented cyberpunk will now be a movie so now you don't even have to read it!

~*~ Batman's Shameful Secret ~*~
Reppin': muscles like this?
"Urrrrsulllaaa!!" Was there ever a comic book where some guy died and screamed out "Ursullaaaa!"? Because if so maybe he was calling out someone's name or maybe he was just dying really bad.
(Ursula is a terrible name is what I'm trying to say.)

Taking it to the experts: Comic Con: Getting there, tips? Tricks? Hotels?
Games forum mod AxeManiac wants to know all about getting the most out of a San Diego Comiccon trip. Wait, games forum mod and comic books? WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN?

Let's talk about well-written, "realistic," capable women in comics Silly GlazedMcGuffin. There's no such thing! Actually the whole thread proves that nowadays having an unrealistic female character is the exception to the rule.

First look at The Joker? Spoilers? Ignore the first couple of pages, they are just standard photoshop manipulations of Heath Ledger into the Joker. The real fun starts around page 5 where the "I believe in Harvey Dent, too" page gets posted. Tons of fun trying to find out what the new Joker actually looks like.

Is a Captain America movie doomed from the start because of Politics? Well, is it? I sure as hell don't know!

AND NOW... the Funny Panel of the Week! As always this and every week's funny panel and more can be found in the BSS staple, Funny Panel Thread (and it has such an original title, too)
Last week's funny panel was brought to you by ranathari, thanks ranathari! This week Ransack takes up deep into the depraved mind of Peter Parker.

~*~ Post Your Favorite ~*~
Reppin': Zero Star
Post the number of days it's been since the last time you got rugburn. Post what you think your cat has named you inside that cute little brain of his. Post your favorite Ghostbuster. Post your favorite picture of your mom dressed like a racial stereotype while holding a dog up by its hind legs.

Post your BMI - In which various goons worry about their weight, I realise that I haven't weighed myself in months, and the Terminator is discovered to be obese.

Post videos that make you say FUCK YES! - Does not contain any trace of the Team America: World Police theme tune.

Pictures that make you go FUCK YES! - See above, except the media isn't nearly as animated.

Tell me your rapper name - There are some great names in here, but I still maintain that Biggie Smalls is the best rapper name ever, just because.

What song would you like to/did you get married to? - But what songs are appropriate for a Satanic wedding?

Tell me about fun drinking games! - STEP 1 - Drink three shots of your drink of choice. STEP 2 - Post a thread on the SA forums. STEP 3 - If you get banned/probated, drink a whole bottle of vodka in one. I haven't named this drinking game yet, but it will RULE.

Post your position on the political compass! - Are you a Reagan or an Obama? Take the test and find out!

~*~ Games ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Onslaught
It's our video games forum! What more do you want from me?!

Refrences to video games that suprised you - Fun fact: Robin Williams named his daughter "Zelda" after the Nintendo game character named "Zelda."

Starcraft 2 - Hell, it's about time! - Was anyone actually surprised that they decided to announce this in Korea?

The Big Fat Free Games Thread - No matter how terrible a game is, you can always find joy in it if it was free.

Deban+Megid+Legeon+Posibolt! Let's play Phantasy Star 4!- It just wouldn't be an RPG without the anime stylings, interplanetary travel, and traditional good vs. evil plot.

April NPD: GBA vs. PS3, Round lol - R.I.P. PS3, 2006-2007.

~*~ Science, Philosophy and Education ~*~
Reppin': QuantumCat
Fire up the Internet, put on your thinking caps and set sail in your imagination boat to embark on a journey to become the biggest dang dorkwad in town.

Teachers, how many students did you crush this year? Also, some questions. - Goon teachers recount the horror stories of the lazy students they have encountered (and crushed!) during this semester.

Japanese Language Thread: Help Goons to Moonspeak. - The all new Japanese language thread, courtesy of Aliginge.

Teaching yourself latin - Because dead languages can have their own threads, too .

~*~ Debate and Discussion ~*~
Reppin': Yiggy
"With great power comes great responsibility." Knowledge is power, right? So smart people are really responsible? Now riddle me this: if these guys are so smart, why are they being so irresponsible with their time by debating things on the Internet all day? DEBATE THAT ONE, INTER-TOADS!!!!

Ron Paul Megathread - Liberty Dollars Accepted - "Dude, did you see what Ron Paul said at the..." YES, yes we are all now acquainted with Ron Paul. Come check out the Ron Paul clearinghouse thread for the clamor around this dark horse candidate.

Senate reaches deal on immigration: Republicans freak out - AMNESTY!!! rabble rabble rabble. Come join the discussion and help us clarify the immigration issue.

Teacher "Assaults" First Grader...My Ass - What are the limits to discipline in a classroom setting? Was this substitute teacher out of line?

Infinite Economic Growth? - Can economic growth continue indefinitely?

100kW Laser Weapons - What will be the implications of the advent of weaponized lasers?

~*~ No Music Discussion ~*~
Reppin': Sir Tonk
Who doesn't like music? It's me. I'm the guy that doesn't like music.
That was a lie and I apologize.

That's Not Their Best Album! - I think the only Floyd album that hasn't been called is Momentary Lapse. Now's your chance!

Serj Tankian gives new updates on his solo album - oddcrap obviously doesn't know the NMD crowd all that well, but this could be tolerable as long as that other guy in SoaD doesn't do guest vocals.

Hanging vinyls on the wall - Vinyls is not a word.

Chris Cornell has just won my continuing support and devotion - And I was all excited when Audioslave called it quits. Now I hear that Cornell has done some solo material? What next, another Billy Corgan album?

What's up! How do I sing? - The musician's lounge takes jyrka's post in stride. Don't forget to read the FAQ.

[World Tour] Daft Punk - Robots.

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