~*~ Automotive Insanity ~*~
Reppin': RealKyleH

2008 VT Antique Auto Club Show - Forum poster Rev. Dr. Moses P. Lester shares some pictures from the auto show.

SVT Focus Autocrossing - kimbo305 shares his experience with autocrossing his SVT Focus.

Live For Speed Megathread - Help yourself become more sloth-like with another video game.

48 States, 15000 miles, in a 1984 Volkswagon Scirocco. - 0toShifty takes his '84 Scirocco on a tour of the good ol' USA.

~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': Skutter

Lovely new habit- Yoss moved to Washington and is trying to transition their cat into an indoor-only cat. The cat responds by repeatedly shitting on Yoss' bathmat. Moustachioed cat pictures await. Click now.

Meet Apollo, who drives me to the edge of insanity- Apollo is a very spoiled kitty who has taken to eating cables and clawing furniture. Nice to meet you Apollo. Now meet Spray Bottle Filled with a Solution of Water and Vinegar.

Budgies out of fucking nowhere- Cythrelo's mom caught two assholes trying to release domesticated parakeets onto private property. She was nice enough to bring them home to take care of instead. Pet Island's Protip of the Week: If you don't want your animals anymore, find them a home or take them to a shelter's for fuck's sake.

Woman sells her house in order to make a clone of her dead dog- The lady in the picture sold her house so she could clone her dead pet pitbull. Silly lady. Not only are pitbulls vicious, untrainable killers, but doesn't she know that clones don't have souls? Not pictured: The large number of needy pits she could've helped with that money. (In 1977, this woman also kidnapped a Mormon missionary in England, handcuffed him to a bed and made him her sex slave. She has also racked up charges for passing bad checks, abusing a horse by failing to properly take care of it and assaulting public officials. CNN article)

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