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Reppin': Elbonio

My neighbour is jerking it in front of his window RIGHT NOW (NWS). Try to picture the scene - a chubby naked man is whacking away furiously in the privacy of his own home but didn't count on a GOON WITH A CAMERA living right across the street... OR DID HE? Thread is still ongoing and we're waiting to find out if it's us that are gonna screw with him or whether he's screwing with the OP and not only knew he was being watched but has been getting off on it. Watch this space folks.

Ok fine. This is the "Post Pictures of Mammoths" megathread. Mammoths, probations for posting whilst drunk and a little bit of navel.

Sum up your childhood in a picture collage! MY childhood was all about trying to complete The Hobbit on the Commodore 64. God damn you Gandalf. God damn you.

Giant spider eating a bird caught in Australia. You should have seen the size of the clock this fucker lives behind.

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Reppin': Elbonio

Ask me about working in the fashion industry. Is it depressing working in such a shallow industry? Why haven't you slit your wrists yet? What's it like doing something meaningless? Does my bum look big in this? WHY CAN I WEAR A SARONG AT THE BEACH JUST BECAUSE I AM A MAN?!!

Ask me about working as a stripper. What I've always wanted is a stripper who goes that extra bit of distance for you. Maybe impersonate your famous movie actor whilst she does her thing. I would pay for that.

ASK me anything about scuba diving. The thing about scuba diving is that if (when?) something goes wrong then your death is going to involve a good minute or two of utter panic. Yeah, FUCK THE OCEAN.

Names for a newsletter in the bathroom? Why not make it double as toilet paper? Save the environment. Oh and also it needs to just be called "poo" but in the Time Magazine font.

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