Over the past year we've subjected ourselves to a brutal psychological endurance trial of cinematic awfulness - we've seen everything from Shakespeare-quoting Gary Busey headlining kung-fu ghost westerns, to awkward canucks in half-finished foam rubber muscle bibs battling smooth jazz dragons, to Hallmark Channel Indiana Jones knockoffs starring Johnny Rico, to the unbridled, gut-curdling horror of Barry J Gillis's face. Yet somehow, in spite of all the madness, we've survived another year, so we thought we'd take the time this week to share some of our favorite moments and reflect on another year's worth of awful movie magic. In other words: the 2015 Awful Movie Awards are here!

Best Exit/Entrance

Winner: Unmasking the Idol, for perhaps the greatest and most brazen 'chucking a dummy off a balcony' scene in film history (but honorable mention to Teen Sorcery for doing the jokes our grandpa used to do for us when we were 6, and to David Heavener, for yelling "Police Freeze!" like an asshole and getting shot in the dick).

Dan Haggerty's Exploding CGI Lumberjack Face Memorial Best Death Award

Winner: Unmasking the Idol. I mean look at that shit. We've seen a lot of great movie deaths this year, and choices like this are never easy, but jesus. Why are you even reading this?

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