Hydrogen: Hannibal Lecture.

Trillaphon: I double-dog dare any of you reading this to make it all the way through that scene without fast forwarding or hating him and yourself.

Hydrogen: He's Laurence Oblivier, master of the "screaming at the top of your lungs" school of acting.

Trillaphon: I've heard shitfaced hobos mumble fever dreams into their beards more lucidly than this.

Hydrogen: Speaking of shitfaced hobos...looks like his ladyfriend there is off to find a new one to date.

Trillaphon: I like how she politely sat there and waited for him to finish his entire psychotic soliloquy to his mother's ghost about sticking things in his pee hole or whatever that was before finally getting up in disgust and walking away.

Hydrogen: I like how we cut about 3/4 of that fucking scene and it still seems longer than Methuselah's ball bag.

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