Hydrogen: We didn't even show the best part of their godawful date, which involves aimlessly wandering around the delightful jagged rocky beachfront of the Hudson river, voted one of the world's 10 least romantic destinations, just ahead of the Holocaust Museum.

Trillaphon: I dunno, these two seem like the kind of weird, sadistic couple that could make the most out of it. "Oh look honey, a dead body! Make a wish!"

Trillaphon: It's worth mentioning that they're on this date because she came into his eyeball emporium and dust farm, and decided on the spot that she wanted to become his protege.

Hydrogen: I don't know, she's already sperging at a pretty high level, I'm not sure she really needs...oh right, she wants to study art from him.

Trillaphon: Based on that lighthouse drawing, she's already the worst artist in New York hands down, possibly the world, so it's not like she has anything to lose.

Hydrogen: We didn't even get to the part where she hands him the card for her art school, which looks like it was drawn by a literally ham-fisted 3-year-old.

Trillaphon: The Crayer School of Remedial Art for Mental Midgets.

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