Trillaphon: Good thing she keeps Chekhov's Spoon on her nightstand.

Hydrogen: Somehow, in the search for a really shocking musical accent to a man having his eye torn out, the sound editor settled on "the sound of failure from a bootleg Portuguese knockoff of The Price is Right when you guess over the retail price."

Trillaphon: I couldn't really hear that over the sound of that one-eyed guy doing his impression of Tarzan on the crapper.

Trillaphon: Also, I'm impressed he has so many wicked, ear-splitting psychedelic goblin belches saved up in that seemingly unremarkable gut of his.

Hydrogen: I'm more impressed that he has the wherewithal to climb down the side of a building with one eye hanging down to his nose, and with the rapid onset of Kool-Aid-Man-o-vision to boot.

Trillaphon: He's going to crawl 19 blocks back to the el station like that just so he can use his discounted day pass. Frugality is a hardcore way of life.

Hydrogen: He was thinking about crawling to a doctor's office to get his eye put back in, but he couldn't find a clinic that gave out coupons in the Weekly Shopper, and if you're going to buy something that's not 98% discounted what's the point of living?

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