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There is a babie in a world in you!

Detecting, a scent in air. Congratulating, we send a letter. Here it is.

There are many way to get a babie in you. Different way say what a different humans girl should do.

1. Mans from below = angry babie put in you = ring the bell

Bell out side home, ring it once and once again, it bring the red worm. Everything will be okay? MUST RING A BELL. If babie grows it is a sinister dark eye babie. A killer of man and friend.

2. A plant gives a babie

A weird babie? Not so weird as you thought. Okay, okay, just kick it back and relax! No worries at all. The babie will come and you will be happy and everything is fine. Lay yourself down by the plant. Close an eye and then another eye. Listen to the music.

3. Mans arrange humaniform breeding through codex

Babie ordained it is coming. A precious moment! What a blessing from the codex! Get ready and READ THIS GUIDE.


Once a man sperm invade a egg it start. A egg attach to wall of a babie intestine a special growth in your meat purpose of grow a babie. Here it come, shething.

Encase it in a little sausage meat bag for you meat girl and your internal brines prepare and nutricize a babie. It is slow slow slow to grow, that you know. 1-16 months depends on a type of babie. Deadbabie 3 month max, greenbabie 4 months and many, meatbabie up to 16 months.

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