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A new time rising up on us. Another cycle end and another cycle begun. Stretch your fronds and feel the warmth


Bask the sun. Thank you sun.

So many things to doing for you and for us in spring! See a bird.

The biiiiird in the treeeeee.

Sings tweeeeedle deee deeeeeeee...

The bird, the quick bug, the new friend. Smile to your neighbor. Smile to your loving ones. Wave to the red worm on his chores. He has no eyes but he sees a friend. Hello, friends again.

First thing of business. You must go to the THE CENTER. This is the place where the diagoloism is begun.

Let us discern your weights. Let us take in the spectacle of your raw flesh. We will sip of your nectars - JUST A LITTLE ;) - and determine the measure of your pressurized vascular systems. Are you able to formulate a babie? We will check. Are you able to communicate a disease? We will deal with this together, as friends. Is your pineal gland compatible with our needs?

All of this joy to be had at THE CENTER the question is WHY WAIT????? Visit immediately.

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