He's dead...because of me...

I thought he had an RPG...I...he came around the corner so fast.

What am I going to tell my wife? How can I even look my kids in the eye anymore?

Ooh! You're a fright!

Is that a jape? Jungle man paint? Are you a gypsy?

Our roof gunner died face down on the floor of the Humvee. All this yellow shit and foam came out of his mouth. He didn't say nothing before he went. It just popped through his cover, both sides.

I knew his mom. I played Madden with his kids before shipping out.

Hmm, yes, well. I will just have to get you cleaned up, my little pauper man.

Steamed and deloused, from top to bottom.

I know a Jew who can see to your clothes.

What size jacquard vest do you wear? I believe my manservant might have a spare in the trunk.


My Interceptor is fine. I think my back SAPI might be cracked from a strike, but it was just shrapnel.

Shrapnel from our own effing CAS. They dropped on our heads because battalion has-

You are no longer with your detachment of fusiliers.

Now, I only have my brocaded vest at hand, so I hope you will not judge me too harshly by this standard. I do have some Cairo suspenders, latest style, a clean undershirt, trousers.

Do you prefer your hat feathered or unfeathered?

Oh, my, what an interesting monocular!

Hey, give me back my NVGs!

This is...hey...this stuff fits pretty good. I like this puffy tie thing.

I feel like a new man. Thanks, dandy.

Maybe I can finally learn to cry again.

No, the thanks are to you, good sir.

I feel as though I have imbibed the headiest Parisian absinthe and yet I am sober as a Vicar.

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