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The economy is still in a pickle. The Fax Machine factory in Battle Creek Michigan still received zero stimulus dollars and is still closed. The demonicrats refused to pay for an extension in unemployment insurance meaning I had to shut off my power for two weeks in the middle of summer. So I'm a bit testy folks. I'M SORRY. I just care about America that damn much.

First of all I get my red blood boiling when I hear Mishouldn't Oh, Butler is vacationing in SPAIN. Remember SPAIN. The country that surrendered IMMEDIATELY to Al Qaeda when they bombed their subway. Like not even a thousand people died and then went and elected a socialist president and GAVE UP on the war on terror. Turns out the Worst Lady wanted to turn Air Force One into the Plane of the Apes so she brought along not only her daughters, but 70 of her closest friends on the TAXPAYERS DOLLARS.

So imagine how mad I was when I opened up world net daily and I read something even worse. Something that makes me want to CRAP some H-BOMBS.

Guess whose coming to dinner folks? Guess? One hint: they're friends of the illegetimate rap thug in the Oval Office. That's right. It's Al Qaeda.

Thanks to the Fraudmmander in Cheats Ba-gock Cluckhama and a bunch of do-nothing chickens up in Washington the 9/11 sector of New York City is going to be in the shadow of a MASSIVE Islamic Madrassa training camp. The mullahs have already taken over Eurabia and now they're coming for our ground zeroes to claim these United States of ARABIA and enact their Sharia law.

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