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  • The politics end at the free weights, hombroy
  • PUMP is not about Democrat or Republican
  • It is about pure body constructions by relentless intensity

This means I do not care if you are LEMA DUNHAM or KKK DAVIDS DUKES. If you want to PUMP I will give you SHITHAULS of kettlebells ASAP (Absolutely Seconds After Pumpstart).

Is some controversy of other cabinet members in Donald Trump cabinet. Okay, you say what you like. You are monster fucker. Put Muslim in camp, write down their email, put them into car and drive car into RADCANYON which is canyon for radiation garbage in hometown of Chernogorsk. This is not my business if you want to make no tax for white people all tax on Mexican. I am here for FITNESS ROLE.


She can put it away all she demands because of calorie burn. With crossfits of kettlebells her cardio is respectful of glucose now. Diabetes goodbye. Sanonara to heart disease. Hello to smoking hot CLUBDRESS. Yes, baby! Good stuff.

See 90 day transformations.

GUYS, THIS PUMP IS UNREAL. Welcome to the Matrix. You think that's creatin your breathing? No, it is better protein supplement TRUMPGAINS made from bones of BAIKALCREATURE. From lightless depth, frozen for 10000 eternities is ULTIMATE PROTEIN. This guy, BAIKALCREATURE he has it all and Donald Trump LION of USA knows this. It is why he creates TRUMPGAINS for sale in White House Gift Shop and through website TRUMPGAINS.RU.

"These gains are BIGLY."

It is my pride to sell excellent TRUMP product. To create PUMP in so many children. To chisel them out of stone.


– HYURGI TIGERWOODS (@sexyfacts4u)

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