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Bred by Genghis Khan (BBW Billionaire Breeding Erotic Romance)

By Sage Reamen

Eccentric billionaire Ferris Khan is a distant descendant of Mongol warlord Genghis Khan, and he's interviewing fat women to help him breed a new master race of Khans. It's all part of his plan called the Mongol Imperative. BBW Mina Elway arrives at his sprawling mansion and undergoes and interview before agreeing to sign up and become a part of his eugenics program.

The premise may sound amusing, but the reality is anything but. This is tedious billionaire porn with odd sex scenes that just happen to feature a guy with a plan straight of a GI Joe episode. There are frequent descriptions of sweaty, hairy bodies and Mina Elway literally breaks a chair being fat during the first sex scene.

It's not that the graphic sex in the book is horrifying, like monster sex or rape or incest or something, it just reads like descriptions of two average people having unpleasant sex. Imagine an erotic description of your mom and dad having sex. I mean, really going to town, leg up on a chair, balls swinging everywhere, grunting like obese mules, room smelling like a storm drain emptied onto a dirty clothes hamper. All to make a new generation of Genghis Khans.

Khan Logistics

Much like the centaurs of last time around, Ferris Khan likes to use some elaborate furniture in his breeding program.

It was a large room, dimly lit by candles and decorated in red velvet and gold trim. At the center of the room was a tall wooden stand. Mina sucked in her breath. It looked ominously like the breeding stands she used back home to mate the mares with the stallions.

This is also where Mina breaks the chair:

"I...I don't know what happened," she breathed. It was then she noticed that the cushioned straps were still on her arms, as were pieces of the broken wood attached to them. Mina followed Ferris' disbelieving gaze to the stand. She had ripped it apart.

This being BBW erotica, Ferris is totally impressed with her wrecking his fancy sex chair.

Classic Kindle line:

(Following the climactic gross sex scene)

"Now grab me a pillow so I can prop it under my hips. We've got to let this stew simmer."

Please see him, Genghis Khan. He's a good man, and thorough.

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