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Ms. Maple has a nice little garden in her backyard at 109 Bloom St. Looked pretty nice, except a lot of what she planted isn't ready yet. I was able to dig around and pull out a bunch of half-decent carrots. I dug through most of it so there's probably not much left, but if you want free vegetables it's worth a look.

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Free Coins Ahoy!
"Brucie" Berns, that old racist guy who lives in Unit 13 of Gray Pines Apartments, has a huge coin collection. He isn't very sharp anymore so all you have to do is ask to see his coin collection. Then when he brings some coins out (he never lets anyone inside), you ask if you can get them appraised for him. He'll usually say OK and then you just take the coins and walk off. I think he almost recognized me on my second visit, so it's probably only works twice, or until he runs out of coins.

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Free horses & farm equipment
I just tricked Richard Ablesmith into giving me his house and farm. He's kind of pissed, but it's too late for him to do anything and I'm having him evicted by the end of the month anyway. I've already taken and sold what I want off his land, but there's some horses and plows and stuff left that I'm just going to junk. Take it while you can. First come, first serve. Just make sure you go at night. He's been hanging around the porch with a shotgun during the day.

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Totally Free Checking Account
If you stop by 772 W. Gilroy and tell Gladys that you're there to check her smoke detectors, she will totally let you in no questions asked. Head straight to her den (back room) and check in the oak bureau she has. Should be a stack of unused checkbooks. I snagged a few and I've been writing checks all week with them. Completely awesome deal and one sure to go fast.

Oh, and if you see anything nice in her house, make an offer. I was able to buy her TV for $25, which I bought with one of her own checks! Totally stupid!

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– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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