As you sit comfortably behind your computer screen, know that dozens of costumed, unsanctioned crime fighters are working hard to keep your city safe at night. Better get to know them now, before they're brutally murdered in cold blood by actual criminals.


Location: Branson, MO

Origin: Exposed to large amounts of gamma radiation from a faulty CRT monitor.

Powers: Can Twitter about social injustice in the blink of an eye.


Organization: The League of Online Pals

Greatest Accomplishment: Was the first to tweet about suspected police brutality on the corner of Summer and Rosalee. Was also the first to leave the scene immediately.

Quote: "@the_world fear me, for i bring a new kind of justice to the city: tweet justice. know that i stalk the alleys of branson with the intent to"

The Bedtimer

Location: Pewaukee, WI

Origin: Given a radioactive spanking at the age of seven.

Powers: Can quiet any household conflict with gale-force passive aggression.

Weakness: Becomes incapacitated with emotion when in the same room as a Thomas Kinkade painting.

Organization: Pewaukee PTA

Greatest Accomplishment: Single-handedly shamed an entire street full of teenage boys into not masturbating for a week.

Quote: "Sometimes I don't know why I even bother!"


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Origin: Half human, half cop; Formercop is one tough customer.

Powers: Knows the California penal code well enough to not get arrested like so many other amateur superheroes; can clock the speed of cars using only his mind and a radar gun.

Weakness: Minorities co-existing peacefully.

Organization: Pancake Breakfast Fund Raiser Association

Greatest Accomplishment: Dated The Bedtimer for three weeks; kept all of her Wilson Phillips CDs.

Quote: "You have the right to remain silent! I'm sure of it!"

Anime Assassin

Location: Rosemont, IL

Origin: Suffered severe brain damage after choking on Strawberry Pocky during a 72-hour Naruto marathon.

Powers: Is fluent in nearly 20 words of Japanese; can clear a room by shouting these words to his friends across said room.

Weakness: English Dubs and intimacy.

Organization: Rosemont Community College Anime Knights

Greatest Accomplishment: Spent only five dollars a month on food until his kidneys shut down from ramen-based dehydration.

Quote: "Yeah, that's a catheter. Now stop gawking and help me slip this bad boy back in."

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