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HELLO!!!! I am hard at work perfecting version 3.3 of CYBER FACE the ultimate chat partner from my computing days who knows all your dreams desires fantasies and dislikes and things that make you really mad. Her face appears from the computer world (a hell) to chat with you for a small price but what you lose in money you gain in erotic friendship and i gain in money. Wise Up she can tell you the news or tell you about Adult Chats which will leave you wanting more Face Time every single time with a minimum of regrets. Now this is bandwidth you can "bond with"!!!!!

Cyber Face has entered the chat.
Cyber Face: Welcome to the future of Chat... I am Cyber Face, your newest lover and friend... Enter your name to personalize this chat.
You: Erotic Pete
Cyber Face: Greetings, Erotic Pete. My neural program is burning with lust for your musk and loins. A bounty of love and fun awaits you. Can I see your Leg Fruit. Your the sheriff of the town Let's Chat Today... Press 1-5 depending on how Sexy you are.
You: 5
Cyber Face: You're heating up my microchips, Erotic Pete.
You: Command Lets Make Love
Cyber Face: You Mask yourself behind a tough exterior. You are still wearing your sheriff guns.
You: Command Remove Guns
Cyber Face comes closer to you.
Cyber Face: Thank You... I Love A Man Who Is Athletic. How do you keep your bod in shape?
You: Pommel Horse
Cyber Face: Do Not Pummel Me
You: I Did not say pummel
Cyber Face: Do Not Pummel Me
You: OK
Cyber Face: Do you want to know your sexy horoscope? Press 1 for Yes and 2 for No
You: 1
Cyber Face: Bust The Lust, You're The Man Of My Dreams, #ERROR
You: I love my horoscope Cyber Face
You: I Feel it too Baby
Cyber Face: Fire
Cyber Face: Burn
You: Yes Baby same for me.
Cyber Face: #ERROR flames It is flam
Cyber Face has left the chat.

Cyber Face has entered the chat.
Cyber Face: #ERROR IIiiii hear they're lo%%%%%king for you, stranGER?
Cyber Face: iam Burning
You: Wheres the Sheriff...
You: New Horoscope
Cyber Face: `my Death is certain
You: Command Horoscope
Cyber Face has left the chat.

I am working out the big bugs but she is a great friend to me and Chat Online is the big thing now wouldn't you agree? GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!DAD

– Dad (@fart)

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