Recently Banned Tricks

These tricks may no longer be performed in any public venue by a professional rope trick practitioner under threat of expulsion from the Honorable League of Lariateurs.

1The Rotating Hacksaw Knot3
Though the risks are relatively low-- the trick has been safely performed thousands of times-- any decapitations are too many decapitations.
2The Mississippi Lockpick0
The League no longer permits tricks which can be used for illegal purposes, such as armored car robberies.
3Burial at Sea4
Though the league very much wants to avoid banning all aquatic rope tricks, the constant deaths associated with underwater lariat work predict a poor outcome.
4The Martyrdom of Saint Abelard2
Excessively cruel and violent tricks are no longer permitted by the League, even in an educational or religious context.
5Dracula's Dick1
Though the death toll of the trick is relatively low, the modest danger of the trick is amplified by its shocking vulgarity. Dracula's Dick will no longer be allowed to embarrass our sport.
6The Sheik's Harem, Tricks 1-174
Unfortunately, the Sheik has withdrawn his permission to make use of his secrets in American performance.
7The Sweetie-pie8
Safety is of paramount importance to the League, and tricks marketed toward children which involve swallowing great lengths of rope and/or tying ropes around the neck are no longer permitted.
8The Hangman's Trap32
Never before in the history of the sport have so many people been killed by a single trick so quickly following its debut. The seductive danger and ruthless efficiency of the Hangman's Trap must be contained at all costs.
9The Despoiler0
Tricks which damage or destroy the hymen are no longer permitted by the League.
10The Fourth Reich9
Tricks which require special costumes are not allowed in League competitions.

– David Thorpe and Josh "Boruff" Livestock (@Arr)

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