31The Creepeye-0.23
A slow week for one of the sports most gothic and unsettling tricks. Despite a showing by Johnny Satyn at the Oregon State Fair, the move's dark, liquid strides failed to capture an audience.
32The Progressive Grain Index-0.25
PGI's slump continues as practitioners abandon the trick for more thrilling maneuvers. "The kids don't want to see a trick that looks like a graph about wheat," said veteran roper Sam Brownband. "They want to see me make a dinosaur's face up there."
33Where the Wizard Buried His Gold-0.42
Dismal returns for this highly hyped hocus-pocus designed to cash in on the Harry Potter craze. Investors failed to see any magic in its tedious and mundane arm swirling, quickly dispelling any chances of success.
34Milking the Prostate-0.48
This San Francisco treat suffered heavy losses after being exported to the east. The boys in the Castro District may love it, but the heartland just isn't ready to embrace its confusing knots, suggestive loops, and emasculating twirls.
35The Chinaman's Challenge-0.56
Cowboy Wong bit off a little more than he could chew with this Challenge. Shown up at the finals by Korean upstart Cowboy Park, Wong's wounded pride sagged the trick's loop-de-loops significantly.
36Breaking the Jew's Neck-0.79
A poor close for this longstanding favorite following a controversial article in The New Yorker which accused the trick of veiled anti-Semitism.
37The Gordian Necktie
The accidental strangulation of 9-year-old Timothy Mayfield triggered huge losses for this modernized antiquity. Rumors of a possible banning sent practitioners scurrying far and wide, loosening this trick's notoriously tight grip on the charts.
38The Flying Chinee-1.23
This heavily-traded trick lost power due to a marked decrease in anti-Chinese sentiment.
39The Grad Student's Thesis-1.24
Allegations of plagiarism sent this trick's stock plummeting like a barrel off Niagara Falls. With New York Times rope trick critic Thom Corbett describing it as "drunken frat boys trying to date rape the Chattanooga Interchange," you know its days are numbered.
40The Injun's Last Woo-Boo-Boo-1.42
Native American rights activists continue to make strong headway in erasing this cruel trick from the American consciousness.
41Grover Cleveland's Switchblade-1.61
A disgraceful finish for this historical drama, plagued by accusations of overtly phallic content in the overhead whooshes.
42Houdini's Hubris-2.62
Any momentum gained from Tick Benson's seemingly impossible Houdini flourish at the Cornpone Games was lost this week among continuing doping allegations. "I may be a dope, but I ain't no doper," spits a defiant Tick.
43Ching Chong's Holiday-2.97
Actor Jackie Chan delivered a stern kick to this trick's stock after seeing it performed on the annual Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. "This is a hate trick that must stop," said the daredevil martial artist. MDA apologized, but performer Duke Gray said that he will continue to do it "whenever he damn well pleases."
44The Businessman's Coma-4.93
The miraculous recovery of namesake and unwitting inventor Arthur Van Landingham after sixteen nonresponsive years brings the once-legendary trick crashing to earth.
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