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99 for $.99

Great character of USSR literature and television cartoon for children sure to enliven apartment or dreary hovel. After fall of USSR many character are no longer produced because of USA and Japanese cartoon animals now on television. Back in 1980-1990 was golden age of character and here is some on bib to take home and enjoy putting foods onto.

Available in characters: Beet, Turnip, Flywheel, Stamping Machine, Uranium, Manganese, Digger Machine, Yak, Hero of Great Patriotic War, Worker, Stalingrad Monument, People's Spirit.

Features: Deflects food and also some types of acid, something like velcro but is not velcro developed completely without looking at velcro for soviet Buran shuttle cosmonauts.

Also is very good deal we are happy at SMALLGUY! to partner with only the best for best deals. We have recently joined a force with salvaged hulk freighter found unwanted in harbor and containing delicious babiesfood.

Please be trying any one of our many babiesfoods available now from best period of USSR retro snacks for babies.

* Extravagant pony puree

* English style pine cones

* Machine-mixed "spaghetti dinner"

* Heart of hagfish

* Unidentified Baikal creature

* Cricket delight

* Bean lards

* Maybe batteries??

You will not find anything better than this to put into baby other than teachings of Karl Marx. Ha ha just kidding, George Washington of USA is #1 usually. Four scores.

– HYURGI TIGERWOODS (@sexyfacts4u)

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