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Not all things spring are sweet as that. Not every pollen dances. Listen now to the advice of the HUMAN POPULATION CENTER MANAGEMENT ORDER 7785-Z.

Advice first, thaw reveals the sad flesh from ice. Ring the bell if you see the sad flesh and the red worm will bring his friends. The outbreak of sapient disease prevails in these conditions. Never fester. The mans from below brings his plagues to hurt you.

Things look different this year? Yes! REASON: we are winning.

When the ices break and the sprouts are free a new battle is joined. The mans from below has his plans. He has his machines. He is born each year from filthy burrows. He digs like the vole, the rat, the hogs of ground. A grub, a wrong worm, he chews at roots. He spreads his poisons.

Saddest of all.........he come for YOU!!!

First come the soft mans. Look upon his terror. Yellow like a mite. Weak as a slime. He brings his tricks and his lies. See him and MAKE AN ENEMY! Be quick.

Use your hand and your teeth. Use the way the gods have give to you. A rake, a hat, a fist. Open up his skins and the mans from below inside will relax. He look like you, but he does not think like you. Take out ALL his fluids. Never hear his word.

If the soft mans is not quick to be made sad and slow then you will have more trouble. The mans from below will come in the many and bring their machines. The fast metal, the fire, the buzzing machines.

NO FEAR not for a brave people like you! Stay inside. Do not hear the lies. Ring the bell. If the mans from below hurt poor mister or missus red worm do not be afraid. The red worm hurts for you, for love.

Sounds will play from machines.

Gasses, oh the gasses.

Fight them. Barricades make. We will come. We always come. We will hurt them for you. We will stop their moving and steal their fluids. They will nourish us and you together. The slow mans leaving behind will answer our questions and then be our sustainment.

HOORAY! Another year another year another year another year.

Each makes us closer to perfect happiness. Each year the birds sing sweeter. The stamen hang heavier with pollen. The fruits taste better in your tummy.

It is spring. It is spring here.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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