The Basement Room is the scariest room in the whole house even for grown ups. I had a dream once that a knife killer in a tuxedo was hiding down in the basement and I can't go down there anymore unless I'm in ghost mode. This is the best room to be in if you like ghost mode.

There are lots of fun things to do down there you can throw chairs at the concrete wall, lift cinderblocks, read an old magazine with an article about me that's in a metrx box and has a weird stain on it, or you could kiss your special lady.

If you see a ghost or you think somebody might be creeping down there in ghost mode don't worry. You can't see ghost mode people and they can only touch you if you want them to touch you erotically. Just say it when you see the ghost mode say "okay mike, you can do it" this aboslfs me of charges.

I never gave permission for mike tysons punchout
and I saw a kid playing it one time and I said "hey kid nice try"
and I threw three gumball machines at that gay baby's head
but he did a star punch right then which is what I call it when somebody turns into a devil policeman
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