Emilia Clarke and David Ellison are talking while in the background ARNIE is filming with green motion-tracking balls all over his old man body.

David Ellison

No, no, no, it's very feminist to take one of the toughest, scariest women from films and turn her into a rebellious whiner. It's like, remember Terminator how John Connor was built up into a legendary badass and then in Terminator 2 he was an intolerable whiny little shit?

Emilia Clarke

Yes, Edward Furlong.

David Ellison

You got it. He just wanted to be a teen. Have his own life while his mom was telling him who to be. No Fate But What We Make. Sarah in this film just wants to be herself and get out from under her overbearing father.

Emilia Clarke

The robot.

David Ellison

He's a terminator, a cyborg, but yes. It's about parents. About dads.

Emilia Clarke

So I'm Edward Furlong?

Before David Ellison can answer, ARNIE storms over to him and jabs a finger in his chest.


David, this is bullshit. Yoo promised me no more claiiming!

As they begin to argue the camera pans back and we see a shadowy part of the studio backlot. Lightning crackles. Papers swirl with an unnatural wind. A time orb forms, cutting through part of a golf cart. Nobody notices as the Shadowy Studio Head steps out. His eyes are definitely glowing. He steps forward a little more and his identity is revealed....

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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