AAA Battery is the WORST

Took this battery camping with us. Did not fit in camping lantern. Did not fit in flashlight. Only used for remote control but some (MOST??) remote control uses much superior AA battery. What is even the point? Only gave it 2 because I could carry more in my pocket.


LMAO at idiots who don't understand batteries

Maybe if you idiots acctually understood point of battery you would get this but AAA is smaller battery for smaller device. I have a tiny flashlight with AAA but AA too big. This is perfect for pocket you want big flashlight you get big batterhy like C or B battery how hard is to understand??? IDiot russian faggot.


Only faggot is nazi ukraine who like AAA battery

Porshenko and western ally love AAA battery to run sex dildo in back hole. This favorite battery found on many troop surrender and defector. Superior russian K battery is used. Fit all devices including large flashlight and small flashlight with cord to battery. Think about it. Easier. Western AAA batery suckers game for eurofags.


Agree on battery, disagree on pitbulls

Pitbull owners love to blame bad owners rather than the breed every time a child is attacked and killed. They point to number of bite statistics and say that pits aren't more dangerous. Problem is number of serious maulings and deaths not bites. Poodle may bite more but it does not kill people. Owning a pitbull is like owning a wild animal. But AAA batteries suck.


Once again euroslaves and USA do not understand dog or battery

Don't care if you agree on batteries or not, you do not understand dog behavior. All dogs are only as good as the leash that holds them and for you jamesbond it is the USA who holds the leash of the yapping UK dog. Why don't you worry about dying in Iraq and arming terrorist jihads and let Russia handle Russian business. You are probably actually circumcised which is maimed for no reason.


– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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