A hopeful smile creeped across Miles' face as his datapad chirped with an incoming message. This was it; he had finally gotten orders to a new posting. There had been moments when he had hated Picard, hated the crew, hated everything about the Enterprise... the kind of moments that made his mind wander into dark spaces. But in the end, he had stuck with it; faithfully manning his position at the transporter console, putting up with Picard's endless impossible demands, Geordi's constant back-handed compliments, and Worf's bullying.

And now, it had all been worth it. All his hard work had finally been worth it, and Picard had been hinting about some new assignment to an exotic spaceport. This shit "life" of constant, paralyzing fear and near death on the edges of civilized space - all in the name of "exploration" - was finally at an end. As he keyed open the message containing his orders, a brief vision of himself serving as Chief Engineer to the Embassy on Pleasureworld VII flashed through his mind.

Looking down at the datapad, his expression of happiness slowly sunk into confusion. "Computer, where the FUCK is Deep Space 9?"


Bajor? You've got to be kidding me. Well, at least I'll never see Worf again. That's the one bright spot.


mysterious frankie


O'Brien: So, this is Deep Space 9. I think we're going to like it here, eh Keik...

*Sisko storms into the promenade. He grabs a shopkeep at random*

Sisko: Baseball!

O'Brien: ...o?

*Sisko turns on his heels, now weeping*

Sisko: I loved her but love cannot TURN. back. TIME.

*Sisko decks a random woman then, laughing hysterically, clambers atop a table*

Sisko: JAM-BA-LA-YA!!!

O'Brien: I've made a terrible mistake.

*Curb Your Enthusiasm theme starts playing, cut to credits.*

Professor Shark

Wasn't Miles's "station" on the DS9 "bridge" like a little hole?


Yeah and occasionally when he was fucking around in there it would electrocute him seemingly at random. Most appropriate duty station ever.

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