As human beings, we often take transportation for granted as we busily move from Point A to Point B on the exciting journey towards dying all alone in a cruel world. Cars go on roads, boats on water, and planes traverse the skies. It's so boring and mechanical none of it is even remotely inspiring, short of explosions being involved. This week, for particular reason the Something Awful Forum Goons seek to turn the realm of transportation upside down by breaking all the rules and doing things to the extreme, one razor's edge at a time. Don't ask me what any of that means, so just enjoy these whimsical images!

Captain1Million got things started by neglecting proper boating safety regulations.

Kloakin Device risks life and limb sailing between Sequoia and Charybdis.

Tea-san made this one while drunk I think. Or maybe I'm drunk.

Cpt. Supermarket is not the best navigator in the world, or the best smelling.

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