Star Citizen Progress Report

It's time to check in on the development of Star Citizen! So, what's been accomplished since this time last year? Here's the complete list:


Let's see how that looks when converted to our progress bar graphic:

Be sure to come back for our next Star Citizen Progress Report! As development continues ramp up at a breakneck pace, we're adjusting our coverage accordingly. Effective immediately the Star Citizen Progress Report will transition from a yearly feature to bi-weekly. That's not a joke.

Which Collector's Edition Bonuses Are Worth Buying?

Even though you've had your entire life to figure out how to get more dollars you do not have unlimited funds at your disposal. Nice one. This means you might not be able to afford every video game Collector's Edition that comes along.

So which ones should you buy? Let's go over a few recent releases and figure it out.

Titanfall 2 Totally Real Mech Pilot Helmet

Made with 100% genuine plastic, this life-sized helmet can actually go on top of your weird head on the numerous occasions you will definitely wear this thing. It won't sit on a shelf, within days becoming a background object your eyes slide past without registering.

Added Cost: $200
Our Estimated Value: $201

Battlefield 1 Pigeon Messenger Tube

Why would anyone want to send a message to a pigeon? Wouldn't it be easier to read the note out loud to the pigeon rather than catching the vile creature, then strapping this tube to its leg? I don't understand war at all.

Added Cost: $130
Our Estimated Value: $129

Deus Ex Black and Gold Prism Box w/ Adam Jensen statue

It's difficult to find a cardboard box, let alone an exclusive cardboard box. That alone is easily worth the $80 asking price. Better yet, this edition comes with an Adam Jensen to place inside the box. You can even place him outside the box, his pose suggesting that he's making a run for freedom, as if he can ever truly escape the exclusive box.

Added Cost: $80
Our Estimated Value: $81

Titanfall 2 Overpriced Backpack

Look, you're going to need something to store your Titanfall 2 helmet in, right? This reasonably priced backpack will do the trick. Unless it's actually smaller than a standard video game case, as the picture above suggests.

Added Cost: $100
Our Estimated Value: $99

Gears of War 4 Large Beef Man on Motorcycle

The wheels on this thing don't spin. Wheels spin. Gears spin. What good is a rad future chopper if it just sits on a patch of bricks forever? It's the world's most elaborate park bench. This is completely worthless!

Added Cost: $190
Our Estimated Value: $188

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Laundry Day Goku

It's okay, Goku. We've all been there. This statue is at the crossroads between anime and a Cathy strip. It's the ideal gift for anyone in the world.

Added Cost: $80
Our Estimated Value: $81

Dishonored 2 Mask and Ring

Finally, an engagement ring I can use to propose with and a mask to wear for the rest of my life when she definitely says no.

Added Cost: $40
Our Estimated Value: $41

ReCore Decoder Dial

Includes precisely one super secret message to decode: Why did you buy ReCore?

Added Cost: $120
Our Estimated Value: $119

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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