"Even if my friends did laugh, they aren't laughing anymore." Guess you showed them, Age. You showed them all!

Andrew Jackson, Hitler, Stalin, and Martin Luther King Jr., together at last.

I refuse to believe this person has an idea complex enough to require a colon:

Sounds like every once in a while, Advicenators really does get it right!

You've all made everyone laugh at this point. Congratulations! Take a bow, Advicenators. Take a bow, Doktor Tammy.

Special thanks to dereekb, King Lou, Wise Learned Man, Plutonis, The Proc, Falados, quantum_squirrel, Lord Byron III, PancakeTransmission, DarkstarIV, swampland, Atasnaya Vaflja and Chwoka for their image and/or caption contributions. I'm glad they turned up so much gold while definitely not searching for advice on their own teen problems! Send me an e-mail if you have any suggestions for future Weekend Webs!

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall and Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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