There's nothing to be ashamed about "Dudecar101", that sounds like a perfectly normal drama class to me.

Haha "put in a porn." Hahaha.

This is most likely one of those middle-aged men I was talking about.

Going through puberty twice is great! You get super powers and your ping drops in online games. There's just one catch. Your penis grows so big it can't fit in any standard size glory holes. My annual Christmas trip to the porn shop last year was horrible.

I don't see why "Isses" got banned.

Ok, ok, I see your problem now "squee17". You need to stop having sex with nine year olds. I know the older girls don't like you but it's just not right man.

Yes it is possible. What you have to do is wait for the woman to "have a period" and then filter all of the resulting fluid through a soup strainer. It's almost like panning for gold! Good luck "insane driver"!

Thirteen year olds have immunity to AIDS because of a clause in ammendment seventeen of the United States Constitution. Just get them when they turn fourteen.

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