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"petzgurl" is taking this little internet game a wee bit too seriously.

Whatever game this guy is talking about I'm going to make sure to stay far away from it. It sounds like a powder keg of idiocy ready to explode without a moment's notice. I suggest you do the same.

Misinformation gets spread around the internet like wildfire. It's like we are trapped in a never ending game of telephone.

Yeah, they don't want to be called hicks, they want to be called sons of the south. They don't want to be called mentally unstable fans of poorly drawn television shows and movies, they want to be called "otaku". But it ain't gonna happen.

Crossdressing doesn't mean you're gay, it means you're an abnormal creep.

American Bagel

American Bagel 2: Battle for Death Mountain

Hey fuck you poorly photoshopped owl in the tree.

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