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That's one thing we can't help you with.

You need to do a Silent Hill 2 type puzzle to turn off the filter and find out the mystery of Silent Hill. It's not worth it!

I'll just check the Rastafarian census.

When I was in school the most expensive thing I had in my backpack was the calculator. These days the kids have fucking Best Buy in their bags. The only reason some kids go to class is to steal shit from the other kids and sell it. It's probably the easiest money anyone could make in their life.

My phone, won't someone please save my phone from obscurity?! We've been through so much together.

GO DOWN TO THE DOCKS AND SEE IF THEY HAVE ANY LONGSHOREMAN OPENINGS. It's your only hope for a decent future at this point. Jesus Christ.

Maybe the guy from the previous image can help you.

Very carefully.

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