Those frames of animation were denying me my true goal in life, to have a frame rate of 99 in a game that uses the Half-Life engine.

This is kind of like a combination of a video game forum and a singles forum. Either way it's money in the bank!

This might be from an Everquest forum. I'm not sure. One thing I am sure of is that it's money in the bank!

Since you're a coke upped druggie you're not getting either! The only thing you're getting is money in the bank! For me!

The best way to end a life-altering addiction is by committing suicide, preferably off of a very high bridge.

Actually this guy is right. I'd rather have a taco than an N-Gage.

Glue the Playstation 2 to the wall and run head first into the hard plastic casing. That should get you one step closer at the very least.

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