Before we go any further, let's just get one thing straight.

Remember when I was making up bullshit things that turned me on? I should have just asked this guy.

Ka-ching. This guy gave me about, during the 6 days I "knew" him, 780+ gold. In non-WoW geek terms, that's about $60 to $80 bucks. And I never even really cybered with the dude.

Well, except once near the end. During my final edit of this, I just realized he asked me to "be a man". Woah.

Can you believe the nerve? He didn't log back on for TWO HOURS!!!

I actually was kinda worried I would be reported for scamming or something. Turns out this kid was banned or quit by the next day. Sorry Clives, maybe someday you will meet that special bitch that is right for you.

All and all, from these victims alone I made about 1300 gold (roughly $150 in cash), various potions, and the 2 Righteous Orbs. I also did the goodly thing and sent the stuff back to Kaleos and Arodd, and mentioned the fact that they probably want to change their character names.

That does it for this week. Come on back in two weeks, for the thrilling conclusion - Four Boyfriends, one Fictious Girlfriend, and an "erotic" romp thru Scarlet Strath. In other news, if you are lonely, rich, and looking for a good time, email [email protected] and maybe we can work something out. Until then, may your flirts be as profitable as your farming runs.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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