The First Transsexual Video Game C, submitted by . Don't you just love it when some sick bastards take your precious childhood memories and corrupt them with vile, evil, horrible thoughts? I present you with a page that makes the bold claim that "Birdo" from Super Mario Brothers 2 was the world's first transsexual video game character. Oh, the pain...

...instead, Birdo is uniformly referred to as female, as a 'she'. Apparently, Birdo had the Mushroom Kingdom equivalent of SRS (undoubtedly a magical transition, rather than one of hormones and scalples), kept her original name (perhaps 'Birdetta' was given up as a 'trying too hard' kind of moniker), and has achieved her proper place in the scheme of things. Indeed, a picture in the Mario Tennis manual show Birdo and Yoshi, Mario's very favorite dinosaur pal, together apparently as a romantic couple!

Just stop it! STOP! NO MORE! Have mercy...

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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