cherrytreat, submitted by Alvin. A girl fixated on My Little Pony spells and designs websites like someone working from the inside of one of those barrels people go over Niagra Falls in. Her digustingly "cute" text and images get old about a week before you even click on the link to go to her site and I have never wanted to depopulate the earth of ponies so much in my entire life. Yes, that's even including the time I got mugged by Raspberry Rainbow near the projects in Chicago.

YAY!!!!! guess what i got?An MLP tails picture page thingie!!!!!Feel free to look at them, and if you want me to find you a picture of a pony e-mail me!!!

*NOTE*These pictures are NOT!!! (REPETE)NOT please dont take them. e-mail me if you want a picture of one of the charecters. Ill soon get a free pictures page you can be greedy with so please please please (PLEASE?) Leave these alone!!!

Sometimes it's obvious when a web site belong to a lunatic, other times web sites that seem normal on the surface reveal at a closer look a psychosis even more profound and troubling than that of a raving madman. This site contains depths of insanity that I suggest only the bravest explore.

And then there's this site.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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