Unsolved Mysteries: Chris Ben-wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

It was either Colonel Mustard in the Library with the folding chair or Ms. Scarlet in the Billiard Room with the brass knuckles she had down her tights while her manager distracted the referee.

Critics Corner:

"All Of U Guys Are Fucking Idiots All Of You Blaming Him Killing His Family Because Of Steriods U Guys Are Fucking Dumb Steriods Dnt Make People Into Ripped Killing Machines U Fucking Idiots Look Up Steriods On Wiki. So That Nxt Time Ur Trying To Argue A Case About Steriods You Will Actually Kno Wat The Fuck Ur Talking About Bc Rite Now None Of U Do U Fucking Morons"


" how dare you

you retarded piece of shit?

kevin sullivan is a righteous man!"


"he steadily knocked on his retard kids teeth and finally crushed his skull."


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