hockey jockey

Can you believe those losers are wasting their Saturday night at yet another orgy? I'd be embarrassed to be that lame.

Okay, is everybody logged in?


*pushing up taped glasses*

little munchkin

bunch of bored tweens in sex-ed complaining to the teacher saying, come on miss doyle, when are we ever going to use this


sex jock, stuffing sex nerd into sex locker: "you better have my sex math homework ready for sex math class! if I lose out my full sex ride to sex state I'm gonna be sex pissed!"


[Fist fight breaks out at the sex nerd table. Everyone else in the cafeteria gathers around to see.]

Spectator 1: "The hell is this all about?"

Spectator 2: "Apparently one of them thinks Gandalf is an ass guy. The other claims he's more into tits."

Spectator 1: "Isn't the actor who plays him gay?"

Spectator 2: "Yeah, but they're talking about the books."

Spectator 1: *sighs* "Of course they are."

little munchkin

the weird kid in school who would eat a pussy in front of everyone just because you dared him to

deep dish peat moss

Did you guys hear about Sara? Yeah I get it... life was dull, boring, painful... but why did she take the easy way out and commit sex? I hope none of you make the same selfish mistake


I've collected all the kinds of sex, and they're still in mint condition

I even have the incredibly rare Sex Error that was only done three times before it was recalled. It is not for sale. I expect it to become a family heirloom


As security drags me out of the Sex Edison museum, I start screaming at the assembled crowds. "He stole the idea for genital electrostim from Sex Tesla! Read a book, you philistines!!!"

City of Glompton

The Big Bang Theory is a popular television show based on sex nerd culture, but no one buys the premise of the cute blonde neighbor willing to get down with a group of awkward sex nerds. Much like Friends, whose cast of characters live comfortable lifestyles on skimpy salaries in New York City, The Big Bang Theory requires a hefty suspension of disbelief from even the most willing viewer.

OK, we've all had a lot of fun making jokes about sex today, but just to be clear: this is a work of FICTION. Sex is good, and cool, and I've had it, and you can't prove otherwise. Thanks to BYOB for the posts. Ciao.

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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