Blurry Gray Thing

John Cadbury was a quiet, kind man. Things just sort of got away from him after a while. He made mistakes. He made so many mistakes. But he always meant well. He wanted it all to work. He made a few deals he shouldn't have, did things he wasn't proud of, but he tried to make up for it in the end. Balance the cosmic scales, as it were.

His son George, though...

Look, this thing scares the crap out of me. I'm pretty sure nobody is supposed to have it, okay?


The problem was clearly with your incubation process and equipment. If you're serious about starting up your own chocolate egg hatchery you'll need to invest some serious cash. Also, as I learned the hard way, never, ever buy fertilized eggs from strange men you met off the internet or in back alleys behind the local dollar store. It never ends well, as you have clearly experienced.

Look into some professional chocolate breeders, you can find lists of the bigger names if you search around a bit. Do your research and you can avoid making such awful mistakes again in the future.

Remember, these are real lives and real creatures you're dealing with. Treat them with all the respect you would your own child. Because, in a way, they are

Empty Sandwich

This one looks different, but I don't know why (of course. . . I don't know anything about what's going on here)

Awesome Kristin

I was wondering what my cats brought to the front door this morning!

Empty Sandwich

Oh, man. I'm somehow relieved that there are more of these out there. Where has your cat been hunting?

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