Zack: You enter the Space Skeleton Bathroom. There are 80 stalls and a fruit stand at the back. There is also a leader board for best skeleton poopers, but it looks like it has not been used in a long time. There is also a door going to the east.

Steve: Can I tell who was leading last?

Zack: You look closely and see the word "ROBOT" has been etched into the wood with some sort of amplified coherent light beam.

Steve: Like a flashlight?

Zack: You don't know what that is.

Steve: Yeah I do, I have one in the basement.

Zack: No, your character doesn't know what a flashlight is!

Whatever, dude. I'm going to take some of the fruit and fill a bag with it. Does it still look good?

Zack: Eh, it's alright. You've seen better produce sections. Some bruises. Looks like the robot might have mishandled the bananas.

Steve: Okay that's fine, as long as the apples aren't too mealy. I fill up one of my six loot bags, load it onto the donkey, and then take the door to the east.

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