Zack: Love that they included weird meta-gaming cards in the original series.

Steve: All cards like this were banned from tournaments almost right away.

Zack: So you just use it when you're playing with your friends to make them angry and never want to play with you again? Actually, that's a good idea, because you're going to be playing Magic in a hobby shop next to a bunch of kids playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon while their mom sits in the corner on a folding chair and reads The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. And no, she won't have sex with you, because she's married, has a nice house, and she just watched you get in a red-faced yelling match over when you can play a sorcery card. Also you're spilling out of an anime t-shirt and you smell like a gas station egg salad sandwich.

Steve: Way to stereotype your own people, hater.

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