Steve: Alright, so, I'm reading the origin of these people and they were created to fight Thor and those dudes but then they immediately had to fight the staff of a hospital, so, not too successful, Seth.

Zack: I can imagine the guy in the hawk suit walks up to the hospital receptionist. "Yeah, I'm here to see Hogun the Grim. I'm, uh, his brother. Hawkman the Grim." There is going to be a fight.

Steve: Is he wearing an unbuttoned onesie?

Zack: "Skyhawk, sit back down, I wasn't finished changing you!"

Zack: These costumes all strike me like maybe Seth was fucking with these people. Like he put buckets on their heads and then tried to come up with the most embarrassing costumes possible.

Steve: A cross between Ancient Egyptian and a disco from 1970.

Zack: The inspiration for half of Marvel in the 1980s.

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