Zack: "See anything you liiiiike?"

Lowtax:: "I just HAPPENED to be walking by the construction site during lunch break."

Lowtax:: (They're building tombstones for Tombstone Construction Inc.)

Zack: "Awwwoooogaaa! Look at the sockets on that pelivs, boys! Bones are back on the menu!"

Lowtax:: "Hey baby, I got a bone right here for ya!" *fat dudes high five*

Zack: "Hey, baby, you kiss your boyfriend with that lipless death rictus?"

Lowtax:: I like the prancing hands; its arms are postured like Mr. Burns.

Zack: It's leaning on an invisible wall, trying to look casual.

Lowtax:: "Smithers, strip me of my skin and muscle tissue and parade me amongst the hard working roughnecks in the cemetery!"

Lowtax:: It's like a G-Star Raw ad.

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