By Sir Gladu

Random Oni Table Rolls

89: Bird;barrel chested, narrow lower abdomen, short thick neck
59: Fish-like head
43: Large wide flat nose, ape like.
75: Normal human eyes
33: Normal mouth, but twice as large, pointed/crooked teeths
86: Bird like clawed hand, powerful arms
47: Upper legs powerfully built, lower legs thin, 2 large clawed toes
08: Covered in tiny scales
58: Jade green

Description: n/a

The Verdict

Zack: Submissions from the criminally insane presents:what daddy looks like when I close my eyes.

Steve: It's like if Yellow Submarine was remade with transparent chicken parts.

Zack: Rolled a 30, guess that means he has dinosaur hocks ending in carrot nibs.

Steve: Oops, 88, Crazy Old Lady Lipsticked Turtle Mouth.

Zack: What's that Turdbody Turtle Lady? Kill my family? Well, if you say so!

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