~6th Place~

"Kcheczhakhi Manfish"

By Grantaire

Random Oni Table Rolls

68 - Buddha shape
56 - fish-like head
85 - snake nose
7 - large crazy human eyes
1 - toad-like mouth with large, flat teeth
33 - muscular human arms, clawed hands, 2 fingers & a thumb
16 - monkey feet, short stubby legs
60 - no hair on entire body, pale skin
20 - reddish brown skin

Description: Frequently found washed up on rocky beaches, this lumbering fiend preys upon unsuspecting picnickers like an overgrown, sewage-scented ant. A scavenger by nature, he is virtually harmless unless provoked. He also sunburns easily, further solidifying his status as an evolutionary reject. His call is guttural, mournful, and infallibly vomit-inducing.

Nobody's quite sure where he came from, but all we know is that he's never leaving, and that's terrible.

The Verdict

Zack: It's like Grantaire brought the crazy guy's sketch to life. And it's even creepier!

Steve: We were only going to give away five prizes, what happened?

Zack: I could probably give about 20 people prizes considering how awesome some of these are. I felt like King Shithead not giving awards to some really awesome artwork. I had to stop somewhere so I decided to add an extra winner.

Steve: Zack, no matter what you do, you'll always be King Shithead.

Zack: Congratulations, you've discovered my backyard wrestling name.

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