Free of the hivemind's overminds control an Alien Soldier naps in a hammock."The cleanup will take months," said Dr. Heldinger.

The Doctor, Daring, and the doctor's daughter were all standing on the top of Lookout Mountain, staring down at the valley below. There were hundreds of Alien Soldiers being loaded onto trucks by tired human soldiers and civilians.

"I wonder what made them come to this planet," pondered the doctor's daughter.

Daring slapped her cheek loudly.

"You talk when you're asked to talk!" He scolded her. "Doctor, I wonder what made them come to this planet."

"As do I, Mr. Armstrong," Dr. Heldinger adjusted his spectacles. "What matters now is that we put the invasion force in a safe place before they wake up and decide to invade again."

"Oh, I'll give them a wakeup call if they need one," joked Daring. Dr. Heldinger laughed a lot at the joke.

His daughter started to laugh too but Daring slapped her again in and in a hushed voice said "You open your mouth again and you're going to be spitting out blood and teeth."

Then Daring gave a thumbs up.

OR IS IT?!?!?!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons

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